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What Are the Top Safety Features in Audi Vehicles?

Technologies in the automotive sector have continued pushing the traditional boundary. Automakers try to focus on safety while integrating new features. Audi is also a prominent brand that has introduced secure features. So, what safety features have been added to Audi car models?

Vehicle Exit Assist

On the latest Audi models, you can find the Vehicle Exit Assist feature. After you have turned off the ignition system, the exit warning will be active for about 3 minutes. If a vehicle or bicyclist is coming towards you from behind your vehicle, the exit assist system will send a warning message. So, when you open the doors, it will prevent the risk of collision.

Turn Assist

It is challenging to move from one lane to another if the blind spot has obstructed your view. Using the radar sensor data and video camera, the Turn Assist system lets you overcome the problem. It will identify the oncoming traffic when you want to turn. The system enables you to find the safest path by locating the hazard.

Parking System Plus

Some Audi models are equipped with special sensors to simplify your parking. Whether you have chosen parallel or perpendicular parking spots, Audi models ensure easy steering. With electromagnetic guidance, they allow you to park the car. Moreover, Audi vehicles with Parking System Plus have self-fixing abilities.

Drivers can use a software program to learn about the working strategies. The visual MMI screen will show the distance from the obstacle. You will receive an audible or visual alert if the park assist feature identifies an obstacle.

Night Vision Assistant

Larger Audi models come with Night Vision Assistant. The front side of the car has a thermal imaging camera with an angle of 24-degree view. There is a separate nozzle to clean the protective window. An infrared system responds to the heat emitted by objects. The computer system converts the details from a camera into clear images.

So, if you drive the Audi car at night, you can avoid visibility challenges. The new feature allows your car to detect large animals and pedestrians in low-light conditions. You will get much time to manage your vehicle.

Audi Pre Sense – Rear, Front, and City

Pre Sense technology is another safety system, which involves activating the electronic stability control. It is highly useful when you apply the brake forcefully. The Pre Sense Basic triggers the hazard lights and closes the windows while closing the sunroof.

The Pre Sense Front system involves using seatbelt pretensioners before starting the main process. It has taken steps to reduce the effects of a collision. You will receive an audible alert in case of a forward-collision warning.

Pre Sense City starts its function after receiving details from windshield-mounted cameras. Some cars also have rear parking sensors that send a warning message when your vehicle is close to an obstacle.

So, Audi models are highly advanced and have sophisticated features. Still, if there is an issue, you can consider professional help forĀ Audi repair in Peoria, AZ.

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