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Opening Up: An Extensive Look at NEET 2022 Top Performers


The Pinnacle of Medical Aspirations The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) stands as the cornerstone for medical aspirants in India, determining their entry into prestigious medical colleges. The year 2022 witnessed the emergence of outstanding achievers in this challenging examination, setting new benchmarks for academic excellence. This exploration delves into the world of NEET toppers, unraveling their remarkable achievements, the journey they undertook, and the impact they leave on the medical aspirant community.

  1. NEET Topper 2022: Profiling Academic Virtuosos
  2. NEET Toppers List 2022
  3. The NEET 2022 toppers by NTA list have been announced.
  4. NEET 2022 toppers list
S.No. ROLL No Candidate’s Name Gender Category Marks Obt. Percentile Score NEET AI
1 3905190306 TANISHKA Female OBC-
715 99.9997733 1
2 2001350019 VATSA ASHISH BATRA Male General 715 99.9997733 2
Male General 715 99.9997733 3
4 2701140052 RUCHA PAWASHE Female OBC-
715 99.9997733 4
5 4204010052 ERRABELLY SIDHARTH RAO Male General 711 99.9997166 5
6 3110320171 RISHI VINAY BALSE Male General 710 99.9992066 6
7 1601050034 ARPIT NARANG Male General 710 99.9992066 7
8 4122020826 KRISHNA S R Male General 710 99.9992066 8
9 2209040165 ZEEL VIPUL VYAS Female General 710 99.9992066 9
10 2508010476 HAZIQ PARVEEZ LONE Male General 710 99.9992066 10

NEET 2022 Toppers list – Female toppers

ROLL No Candidate’s Name Category Marks Obt. Percentile Score AIR
3905190306 TANISHKA OBC-
715 99.9997733 1
715 99.9997733 4
2209040165 ZEEL VIPUL VYAS General 710 99.9992066 9
4601050908 SAYANTANI CHATTERJEE General 710 99.9992066 11
4608180422 ANUSKA MANDAL General 710 99.9992066 14


NEET 2022 Toppers list – Male toppers

Candidate’s Name Marks Obt. Percentile Score AIR State
VATSA ASHISH BATRA 715 99.9997733 2 Delhi (NCT)
715 99.9997733 3 Karnataka
ERRABELLY SIDHARTH RAO 711 99.9997166 5 Telangana
RISHI VINAY BALSE 710 99.9992066 6 Maharashtra
ARPIT NARANG 710 99.9992066 7 Punjab


The NEET 2022 topper exemplifies exceptional academic prowess. In this section, we present an in-depth profile, providing insights into their educational background, preparation strategy, and the challenges they conquered to secure the coveted top position. Understanding the nuances of their journey offers valuable guidance to future medical aspirants, outlining the pathway to success.

  1. NEET Result 2022: Toppers’ Marks and Rankings

This segment sheds light on the specific marks and rankings achieved by the NEET 2022 topper. A detailed analysis of their performance, subject-wise scores, and the overall ranking provides a comprehensive understanding of the excellence demonstrated in this highly competitive medical entrance examination.

  1. Beyond the Numero Uno: Exploring a Spectrum of Achievers

While the top ranker naturally garners attention, acknowledging the broader list of high achievers is paramount. This section explores the diverse backgrounds, achievements, and aspirations of multiple NEET 2022 toppers, offering a panoramic view of excellence in the medical entrance landscape.

  1. Strategies Employed by NEET Toppers

Success in NEET is not merely a result of knowledge but also strategic planning. This part outlines the study routines, coaching methodologies, and self-preparation strategies adopted by the toppers of NEET 2022. From effective time management to optimal resource utilization, aspiring candidates can glean valuable insights for their own preparation journeys.

  1. Impact on Aspirations: NEET Toppers’ Inspirational Effect

The success stories of NEET toppers reverberate across the medical aspirant community. This section explores the profound impact these toppers have on the aspirations and motivations of the next generation, emphasizing how achieving excellence in the medical field can transform lives and contribute to the healthcare landscape.

  1. NEET Toppers: A Comparative Analysis (2022 vs. Previous Years)

NEET 2021 Female Toppers: Top 5

Roll No Candidate’s name Marks Obtained Percentile Score AIR
3114010091 KARTHIKA G NAIR 720 99.9998057 1
3905014351 VAISHNAVI SARDA 715 99.9987049 17
4609002305 ASMITA BAG 711 99.9985754 21
2001301235 SALONI VERMA 711 99.9985754 22
2812002115 VAISHNA


710 99.9969565 23

NEET 2021 Male Toppers: Top 5

Roll No Candidates name Marks Obtained Percentile Score NEET AIR
4201113147 MRINAL KUTTERI 720 99.9998057 1
2001012341 TANMAY GUPTA 720 99.9998057 1
3905004441 AMAN KUMAR TRIPATHI 716 99.999741 4
2707002547 JASHAN CHHABRA 715 99.9987049 5
4411109202 DEEPAK SAHU 715 99.9987049 5


A comparative analysis between the NEET 2022 results and those of previous years is crucial for discerning trends and changes in the examination pattern. This section discusses any variations in the syllabus, question formats, or evaluation criteria, providing vital information for aspirants preparing for future NEET examinations.

  1. Personal Narratives: Challenges and Triumphs

Beyond scores and rankings, the personal journey of NEET toppers is marked by challenges, sacrifices, and triumphs. This section features anecdotes and narratives from the toppers, offering a human perspective on their arduous journey, shedding light on the sacrifices made, and the lessons learned along the way.

  1. Beyond NEET: Future Avenues for Toppers

The journey of NEET toppers extends beyond the examination halls. This segment explores the myriad opportunities that await them, including specialization choices, research prospects, and the potential to make significant contributions to the medical field through innovation and research.


Inspiring Excellence and Shaping Futures The journey through NEET 2022 has been a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence by these academic virtuosos. As we reflect on the achievements of the toppers, it becomes evident that their stories are not just about conquering an exam but embody the spirit of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to their medical aspirations. The broader landscape of NEET 2022 toppers, both male and female, paints a vivid picture of diversity, showcasing that brilliance knows no gender or regional boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How is the NEET 2022 topper selected?

A1: The NEET 2022 topper is selected based on their overall marks and rank in the examination. The candidate with the highest score secures the top position.

Q2: What marks did the NEET 2022 topper achieve?

A2: The specific marks achieved by the NEET 2022 topper are detailed in the results, showcasing their performance in each subject and the overall ranking.

Q3: How do NEET toppers impact the medical aspirant community?

A3: NEET toppers serve as role models, inspiring aspiring medical students by demonstrating that with dedication and strategic preparation, excellence in the medical field is attainable.

Q4: What are the common strategies employed by NEET toppers?

A4: NEET toppers often employ effective time management, comprehensive study routines, and strategic use of resources. Understanding these strategies can benefit aspiring candidates.

Q5: What opportunities await NEET toppers beyond the examination?

A5: NEET toppers have a plethora of opportunities, including choosing specialized branches of medicine, engaging in research, and contributing significantly to advancements in healthcare. Their journey extends beyond the exam halls, paving the way for a transformative impact on the medical field.

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