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Home Parivahan Sewa Ministry Of Road Transport


Home Parivahan Sewa, an innovative initiative by the Ministry of Road Transport, aims to revolutionize transportation services by bringing essential services closer to citizens’ doorsteps. This comprehensive guide explores the facets of Home Parivahan Sewa, providing insights into its objectives, services, step-by-step usage, and a visual representation through a chart.

Objectives of Home Parivahan Sewa Ministry Of Road Transport is designed with several key objectives

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: The primary goal is to enhance the accessibility of essential transportation services, ensuring citizens can avail themselves of these services without the need for extensive travel.
  2. Simplified Processes: The initiative aims to simplify the processes associated with various transportation-related services, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and making services more user-friendly.
  3. Digital Integration: Leveraging digital technologies, Home Parivahan Sewa seeks to integrate services into online platforms, making them easily accessible to citizens through digital channels.

Step-by-Step Usage of Home Parivahan Sewa Ministry Of Road Transport

  1. Online Registration: Users can initiate the process by registering on the official Home Parivahan Sewa website or application. This involves providing necessary details for identification and verification purposes.
  2. Service Selection: Upon registration, users can browse through the available transportation services offered under Home Parivahan Sewa. This may include services such as driving license issuance, vehicle registration, and permit applications.
  3. Document Submission: Users are guided to submit the required documents electronically. This step involves uploading scanned copies of identification, proof of residence, and any other documents relevant to the selected service.
  4. Payment Processing: Home Parivahan Sewa facilitates online payment for the selected services. Users can securely complete the payment process through integrated payment gateways.
  5. Appointment Scheduling: For services that require physical verification or testing, users can schedule appointments for home visits by officials. This step ensures a convenient and efficient process without the need for citizens to visit transportation offices.

Chart: Services Offered by Home Parivahan Sewa Ministry Of Road Transport

The chart below provides a hypothetical representation of the various services offered by Home Parivahan Sewa, showcasing the range of transportation-related services available to citizens:

Services Offered by Home Parivahan Sewa (Hypothetical):

Service Description
Driving License Issuance, renewal, and updates
Vehicle Registration New registrations, transfers, and updates
Permit Applications Commercial vehicle permits and renewals

Benefits of Home Parivahan Sewa: The implementation of Home Parivahan Sewa brings forth several benefits

  • Convenience: Citizens can avail transportation services from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices.
  • Time Efficiency: The streamlined processes and digital integration save time for both citizens and government officials, expediting service delivery.
  • Accessibility: The initiative ensures that transportation services are accessible to citizens across geographic locations, bridging the gap in service availability.

Future Developments and Expansion

As Home Parivahan Sewa evolves, there is potential for further expansion and inclusion of additional services. The Ministry of Road Transport may explore partnerships with other government agencies and private entities to enhance the scope and efficiency of home-based transportation services.

Get the Parivahan Sewa App for your Mobile Device 

The Parivahan App, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store, allows users to access DL and RC services on their mobile devices. English, Hindi, and Marathi are just a few of the languages that can be used with the Parivahan Sewa smartphone app.

The Parivahan app allows you to register a DL and get details about a car. The software also allows you to file a complaint, pay road tax, and more! Users of this app get access to a variety of registration-related information, such as how long their insurance will cover them, the state of their vehicle, and their PUC certification.

Parivahan Sewa Website Provides Access to a Comprehensive Selection of Different Online Services

Vehicle-related services are offered on the Vahan Parivahan Sewa website, including duplicate driving licences and registration certificates as well as registration certificate renewal.

Applicants can submit new licence requests, renew current licences, or pay duplicate fees via Sarathi The site also permits facilities such as the following:

  • Checkpost tax for vehicle tax collection at check post
  • Fancy number booking
  • National register or NR services
  • Homologation
  • National permit authorization
  • Trade certificate
  • Vahan Green Sewa

Users of’s website have access to a variety of information services, including those that let them search up details on their driver’s licence, auto registration, and permits, as well as notices and forms for regulations and policies and other pertinent information.

Payment of Road Taxes made by Parivahan Sewa

No matter if they use their vehicles for personal or business purposes, all vehicle owners are required to pay road tax. The government uses the money it receives from various levies to maintain the roads. Commercial vehicle operators in India are required to pay additional state vehicle taxes at checkpoints along the road before they are permitted to enter another state. Check post tax can now be filed online using the website. We have the following details for your reference:

You must first visit the official website,, before you can start the registration process. Select “Check Post Tax” from the menu under “Online Services” on the home page.

  • The Parivahan Sewa portal offers login and online services for vehicles and the parts that make them up.
  • Open a new window or tab in your browser. Pick the “Tax Payment” option from the drop-down menu at this point.
  • The Parivahan Sewa portal provides access to login and other online car services.
  • Choose the name of the state you are going to from the “service name selection.” You must press the “Go” button to begin.
  • The Parivahan Sewa portal offers login and online services for vehicles and the parts that make them up.
  • The application for paying border taxes will now show up on the computer screen. To learn more about your car, click the “Get Details” button and enter the vehicle identification number (VIN). Some of the fields will already be filled in for you.
  • The Parivahan Sewa portal provides access to login and other online auto services.
  • Filling in the necessary details in the remaining specs is the final stage. Following that, you can pay the amount determined by selecting the “Pay Tax” or “Calculate Tax” option.

You will be directed to the “Checkpost” page after your tax payment is complete. You will receive a receipt, which you are free to keep for your records and print off so that you always have it with you.

Challan Payment for Parivahan Sewa that may be made Online

The Parivahan Sewa’s official website accepts online payments for fines and challans that have been issued to individuals. Please visit the “Check Online Services” section of the E-challan Parivahan website if you require any additional information. Once there, select the “Check Challan Status” link.

One of the following numbers may be utilized to provide the necessary information: a challan number, a vehicle number, or a driver’s license number. The next step is to click “Get Detail” after entering the captcha code.

You may see the most recent status of your electronic challan in the challan status row. Select “Pay Now” from the drop-down menu in the payment column to proceed with a payment. Make the payment once you’ve chosen the method of payment you’ll employ. Your account’s registered mobile number will receive a confirmation message and a transaction ID.

The Required Materials for Submitting an Online Application for a Driver’s License

The Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways is in charge of creating the driving instruction manual. The curriculum is divided into two categories: theoretical and practical. The overall training time for light motor vehicles (LMV) will be 29 hours, or four weeks. Training on several theoretical subjects will take up the remaining time.To apply for a driver’s licence, you must present the following necessary paperwork:

  • Fill out the application as completely as possible.
  • A birth certificate, Aadhaar card, passport, or PAN card can all be used to prove your age. These are all acceptable forms of identification.
  • To prove your identity and provide evidence of your correct residence to prove that you are a state resident, you will need documentation like your driver’s licence or passport.
  • Dimensions similar to those of a passport photo
  • Filled-in Forms 1 and 1A, both for medical certification.
  • You must present proof that you have successfully completed driving training to obtain a commercial driver’s licence.

Recent Announcements from Parivahan Sewa

New standards for driver’s licenses will be in effect starting in July 2022.

To make the procedure for applying for new grants or renewing current ones simpler, the prerequisites for acquiring a driver’s licence in India have recently been changed. Commercial and private motorists will be held responsible for abiding by the new regulations starting on July 1, 2022.

The new rules for driver’s licenses issued by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways would eliminate the requirement for residents to take a driving test for a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive car at their neighborhood RTO, which stands for Regional Transport Office. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways released these regulations.

All Indians can browse the Parivahan Sewa website to take advantage of services pertaining to driving licenses. You can also use their mParivahan App to register a new vehicle. The VAHAN and SARATHI centralized schemes were introduced by the Indian Road Transport Division. While the earlier operation dealt with automobile registration across India, the latter endeavor provides services for those who require them.

Every Indian who operates a motorbike or a car must be in possession of a number of specified documents, such as an up-to-date driver’s license and a vehicle registration certificate. The recent change in the working paradigm of the Indian Government, which is aiming to expand digital services even to the farthest zones of the nations, has caused RTOs all across the country to place a growing emphasis on the digitalization of services.

The online Parivahan Sewa platform was created by the Department of Road Transport to streamline car registration through automation. Additionally, this has made a substantial contribution to the national- and state-level record-keeping of DL information and automobile registration.

Complete List of Services Provided by Parivahan Sewa Website

Its domain name is For anyone wishing to create or amend documentation relating to vehicles, this platform provides a complete solution. The following highlights of the website’s services are provided:

  • Driving permits, often known as DLs, are the subject of the following main services. You can access these options by going to the Sarathi Parivahan website, where you can renew your driver’s licence, apply for a new one, get a duplicate issued, etc.
  • Settlement of a vehicle’s check post-tax

There are several complimentary services offered in addition to these that you should be aware of. On the website for Parivahan Sewa, you can:

  • Book a fancy vehicle number
  • Apply for national register services
  • Secure national permit authorization
  • Check whether your vehicle fits into the standard criteria set by the Government of India, this process is called homologation.
  • Tour operators can apply for AITP authorization
  • Trade certificate issuance
  • Vehicle speed limiting services can be availed
  • PUCC certificate is issued by pollution checkpoints
  • Vehicle recalls take place when an owner of a vehicle fails to maintain the minimum safety standards set by the government declaration. This is put into effect from 1st April 2021.
  • Vahan Green Sewa

In addition to all of these, one can use the Parivahan website to access important data about Indian road transportation. This includes personal information like licensing requirements and generic data like policies and rules, permits, vehicle information, transportation legislation, etc. Using the materials on this website, you may also download the necessary documents and certificates online.

How to Pay Road Tax using Parivahan Sewa

Both commercial and private automobiles owned by Indians are subject to road tax. The money obtained by these taxes aids in the construction of roadways. Commercial vehicle owners must pay state vehicle taxes while entering other states.

Online payments are considerably more practical, and we’ve gone over how you may use the Parivahan website’s feature to your benefit in detail.

  • Navigate to the “Check post Tax” button after arriving at the Parivahan Sewa official website’s home page. Then, click the “Online services” section link.
  • Select the “Tax Payment” option when a new page appears.
  • You must now select the state you will be entering. Next, type the “service name.” Press the “Go” button. A new page opens named “Border Tax Payment.” Fill in the vehicle specifications. Many sections will derive data automatically. You need to attend the rest of the fields.
  • You may either check the required amount by selecting “Calculate Tax” after everything has been provided or you can choose to pay the tax right away by selecting “Pay tax.”
  • The payment window appears on the device screen. Simply choose “Continue” from the menu at this point.
  • The check post page opens once the payment has been completed. Create a printed copy of the payment receipt and download it from this page for your records.

E-challan Settlement through Parivahan Sewa Website

One can make payments for issued challans or fines against them through the Parivahan Sewa’s official website. You must go to the E-challan Parivahan platform and choose the option to “Check Challan Status” to accomplish this.

Put the vehicle number or challan number first before beginning to enter the vehicle information. The next step is to disclose the driving licence details. Be sure to complete the captcha field before clicking “Get detail.”

To finish the transaction, go to the payment column. The registered phone number receives the Transaction ID and written confirmation status of the transaction.


Home Parivahan Sewa stands as a transformative initiative by the Ministry of Road Transport, redefining the landscape of transportation services in India. Through a user-friendly and digital approach, this initiative not only simplifies processes but also brings essential services closer to citizens’ homes. The step-by-step guide and visual representation provide a comprehensive understanding of the seamless and convenient experience Home Parivahan Sewa aims to offer in its mission to modernize and enhance the accessibility of transportation services.

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