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Dog-Friendly Restaurants to Visit in San Francisco

Did you know that San Francisco or the Golden City as we love to call it tops the most dog-friendly cities in the world? Well, now you know. Most restaurants and eateries here are dog-friendly and will welcome you and your furry friend with open paws. If you are planning to visit with your dog, there are lots of restaurants you can sample, you will be spoilt for choice.  

As for your means of movement around the city, as you enjoy her offerings, a rental car will be the most ideal. This is because of the convenience they come with compared to using public means. You will be able to make the most out of the trip because you move around at your own pace. With your dog in tow for the trip, opt for a spacious car. SUVs will be a great option to consider. 

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With your means of movement sorted, let’s now look at 5 of the best dog-friendly restaurants in San Francisco you must visit. 

Park Chalet

Sandwiched between the beach and Golden Gate Park, Park Chalet is one of the perfect pet-friendly dining options for you and your dog before later going for a stroll on the beach or a play date at the park. They boast a diverse menu with classic coastal treats that are to die for. Their Champagne Brunch served on weekends from noon is popular with locals and you too must sample it. 

They also have a full bar serving house-brewed beers and some of the best cocktails you can have in San Francisco. For your dog, they have different handmade treats for them including dog cookies. They also offer a complimentary bowl of water to keep your four-legged friend hydrated.


Pazzia is an Italian restaurant with some of the most tasty Italian dishes you will find in San Francisco. Their fresh in-house made pasta coming in different flavors and thin crust pizza will make you fall in love with the restaurant. At the moment they are only open for dinner from 5 pm but plans are in place to introduce lunch shortly. 

They have three seating spaces but you and your dog will be allowed to sit on their sidewalk where you will enjoy the beautiful ambiance of string lights and slow music in the background as you dig in on your meals. They are among the best dog-friendly eateries in San Francisco boasting a heated patio to ensure your dog keeps warm when it is cold. Make sure you also have a taste of their carefully selected wine varieties to wash down the food.

Pacific Catch

For seafood lovers, this is the place to be! Over the years Pacific Catch has treated San Francisco seafood lovers to diverse and high-quality seafood. In the process, it has earned itself a loyal base of customers and bragging rights as a top seafood destination in the city. They pride themselves in their Aloha-inspired hospitality earning them repeat customers as it makes them feel at home. 

All their food is sourced from Environmentally Responsible Sources in line with their mantra of conserving the ocean ecosystem. Their menu is diverse and includes lots of differently prepared seafood to meet the expectations of their very demanding customers. They also serve tasty cocktails at pocket-friendly prices. Your dog will have treats of their own and enjoy some time socializing with other dogs in the outdoor seating space. 

Cafe du Soleil

Cafe du Soleil is a French cafe located in the South of Market district in San Francisco. The cafe is a locals’ favorite offering pastries and tasty dishes with a touch of French culinary prowess. The restaurant is among the most dog-friendly cafes in San Francisco with a beautifully done outdoor seating area where you and your dog can enjoy a meal as you bond. Drop in for brunch, lunch, or dinner and enjoy French cuisine like never before. Just remember to come with an appetite. 

North Beach Restaurant

For over 5 decades, the North Beach Restaurant in San Francisco has been a favorite for locals, visitors, and the high and mighty in the San Francisco social scene. The family-owned hotel has maintained its long-standing traditions and original recipes that have kept patrons falling over themselves reserving tables. 

Their food richly flavored with locally sourced ingredients will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to meals grandma used to prepare. They are open for dinner only and allow dogs in the outdoor seating space. Parking in San Francisco can be a headache at times but the hotel solves this by offering parking for its patrons. You will part with $30 for the first 3 hrs and $40 if you stay more than 3 hrs. 


San Francisco is known for its hospitality and many dog-friendly restaurants. To experience this first hand you should make a point to visit the city and enjoy a meal in a top restaurant while bonding with your furry friend. Of the many restaurants available, this article has discussed five that you can’t miss visiting. Put them in your itinerary the next time you and your dog visit San Francisco because a good time awaits you.

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